April 2016

Managing the budget and missing the goal

Managing the budget and missing the goal? Aw… never! As a consultant I am frequently faced with a budget limit from my clients. Until we discuss the real issue. The vast majority of situations ultimately get resolved and the budget is never a real issue. Really. That is not to say that the budget expands! […]

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Victim of abuse

Victim of abuse This looked like an ordinary parking ticket. Trivial enough. Under the wiper, gracefully waiting for my trembling hand to remove it. Yep. Trembling hand. I was sooooooooo upset. I apparently parked in a prohibited space at a prohibited time. I just could not fathom why, oh why, this happened to me ! […]

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Centralization frenzy

Centralization frenzy ? I cannot believe this. I was recently told of a new manager coming on board in a Health center, due to the massive re-engineering our good God/Minister has imposed. This manager spent a few days looking around and called a general meeting. “Well… I have been told you are a very professional and […]

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