The wobbling effect: Stretch your complexity muscles!

The wobbling effect: Stretch your complexity muscles!

I have a master in molecular biology. No bragging here. It is a fact. I am therefore flawed! I had to study biochemistry, organic chemistry biology and physiology as part of the usual curriculum of a…

The perfect solution

The Perfect Solution We are all looking for the perfect solution. The quick, easy and (usually) cheap way to solve our problems. The 8-step change process ; The 15-minute balanced meal ;The 2-month…

Teams’ self-regulation: is it realistic?

L’autorégulation des équipes : est-ce réaliste ?

leadership 3D

Magical interactions in the intelligent organization – End

Nos participants sont à l'extérieur sous une température inacceptablement basse pour cette fin d'hiver ... sans manteaux. L'exercice précédent a duré plus de 4 minutes. Rappelez-vous : ils…