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I’m not sure yet on the use.  We run Orientation classes sometimes as small C2EO for large group?as a couple people and as large as 35.

Maybe we would use it for annual refresher training. What kind of feedback have you gotten on the large group kit vs. the small?
Response from large group are very good! There is always 10% of the participants who do not like the game format for various reason, but I get the same % from traditional training format. Some people just do not like training the way I deliver it… too intense! The only thing you must remember for large group is the crowd control aspect.
Although individual table or team of 5 are easy ton coach, larger group require more time form the facilitator as people frequently have questions on specific cards. The game is complex but to complicated. If you use the powerpoint presentation that is included in the group version you will be able to guide your participant easily. This is necessary only for the first time. As soon as the participants have used the game once they get the hang of it rapidly.
In a typical refresher session, you will see the following :
1- Intro to the game : 30 minutes
2- Initial learning ramp up : 30 minutes… you will be more occupied in these 30 minutes than the rest of the session!
3- Next 60-150 minutes : An occasional question or comments
4- Review and evaluation : Plan for 30 minutes if you the participants to fill in the evaluation level 1 and 2. At this stage , the participants are usually disappointed to stop… GOOD THING!

They will be eager to play again! The game is designed so it can be played repeatedly with the initial set of GMP questions. Moreover I have a GLP set coming out soon… and a WHMIS set too (with a Canadian slant…)

Par François Lavallée, M. Sc.

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