Do you remember when….

Do you remember  when…

  • your dad told you a bedtime story ?
  • your mother put a band-aid on your bruised knee ?
  • your parents were heroes ?
  • you friend held your hand when you fell ?
  • your colleague covered for you when your were sick ?
  • your boss supported you in front of the management team ?
  • your employees decided to stay overtime to « make the numbers » ?
  • your son just smiled and gave you a hug when you really needed it ?
  • you partners kept their faith in you while you were in the dip ?
  • you lover just said « I love you » silently with his/her eyes at the darkest hour ?


Just remember before :

  • reprimanding your kid
  • getting angry at your aging parents for being old
  • firing an employee
  • deciding to leave your organization because the annual raise is not as high as expected
  • talking behind anybody’s back
  • forgetting about forgiveness for your loved ones

Even heroes sometimes falter.

Now go and give someone a hug.

Your choice…they ALL deserve it !

You too !

Oh…don’t stop after the first one…you might like it !


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