Dear readers :

Something happened to this blog a few months ago.

Or rather, something did not happen.

The automatic response system I was using was not aware of the the modification we performed on the site in order to make it bilingual and make sure Google or other search engines could “see” it properly.

Techno babble aside … you stopped receiving the English posts !!!

I am trying several strategies to make those articles visible again.

So here are a few articles published a few weeks back on the intelligent organization of the future.

Learning from bug !

Four steps of human evolution


Hopefully you will

1- receive them

2- enjoy them

3- comment them


Ah yes… you will probably receive a few mails in the coming weeks because

1- I will be testing the system to ensure you receive everything the right way;

2- I will RE-post some articles…those you probably missed;

3- nobody is perfect and I will need YOU to get better !!


Thanks for your continued support !

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