I sold a book !

The whole trilogy in fact.

About time and priority management. Nothing less !

My client bought them because it hurts ! Not my books ! But his situation. “I really need to get organized !

” Well….you might consider the chronograf then, it is a special and very efficient type of pen & paper agenda…

“No, no, I already have one. But I always end up doing something else and I am left with most of the things in my agenda uncompleted at the end of every week”

Well…. you might not have the right tool then….

“No,no, the books will do.”

At this point I had to tell the whole and ugly truth : the books are excellent BUT…. they will not save you. You see, books, DVD, courses, agenda, mobile applications will NOT do it. Only YOU can save you. Time management is useless.

Priority management is…. a little bit more useful.

Priority discovery IS the only way.   .R. Covey, said (or stole from some other very wise man but he at least popularized it…kudo for this!!) : “You can say NO with a smile if you have a bigger YES inside your heart.

” The whole purpose of my books, my blog, my chronograf is to help you discover your big Yesses (Yesses ? Yes’s ? oh, well …). Read this again : the tools I provide will HELP you discover your priorities.

This is NOT a quick fix formula or a magical recipe. Only YOU can do the work. It’s YOUR time, YOUR tools and ultimately YOUR life. It all comes back to YOU.

The question is : Are YOU ready to do the work ?

Until then keep reading and I will keep writing. When you read something that will really hit a nerve, you will take action. While I will keep writing, keep thinking…until it hurts, really hurts. At this point no excuse, no price tags will keep you from changing. T.H. Eker and a plethora of others wrote : “Excuses or results”. You cannot have both.

If you do not have any results yet, what’s your excuse ? Not the right books ? Read them all. Then what ? Not the right tools ? Buy them and try them all. Then what ? No time ? Aw…come on !   It’s your life, your time, your results.   What will you do NOW ?

Here is a list of suggestions :

The chronograf, a pen& paper planing tool.

and many other tools.


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