For all those of you physic geeks, and metaphysic fanatics, you already know that time is a figment of the imagination.


Time is the fourth dimension of our universe out of, oh, about 11 according to Miko Kaku. If you think this is weird, try this : before the big bang, time did not exist.


Before the big bang… now , THIS is quite a concept. What was BEFORE everything began?

Very difficult for us, simple-minded humans, to comprehend those concepts. This analogy might help (oh, and do not be alarmed, this is a link between all this and time management, bear with me and you will see the light…which we all know has a contant speed even if you bend it or ride on a beam of it!).

Imagine for a moment….

You are a 2-dimensional being. On a very flat world. You can meet other 2D-persons on this flat world but you would not have a very clear perspective of the universe. At least not as a 3D universe such as ours or a 11-dimension universe like M. Kaku’s.  Now imagine I draw a circle around you. You are surrounded by a 2D wall!! You are imprisoned and I, as your despotic jailer, can  look at you from far above with a thunderous  and sadistic laughter. As a 2D being you cannot fathom what has just happened. Try to imagine how you would react if I, as a megalomaniac unrespectful gardian, were to pull you out of your jail in a very 3D way, making you discover the vertical dimension!!!





If fact, your mind would go POP! during the voyage and you would awake on the “other side”, convinced that this never happened.

Back to real life.

Trying to manage the fourth dimension without knowledge of the other 7 is probably very similar to this ludicrous story. And unless you are a mathematical genius whose parents are both physic geniuses and transmitted their knowledge genetically, you have no chance of ever getting to that level.

We are therefore stuck with our un-manageable time.

No wonder 97% of us (statistical data based on very serious research using the 8 and 10th dimensions by the way..don’t try this at home!!) work so hard at trying to get our life under control.

The solution? A very realistic, 4D solution…is to manage your priorities.

Time flows. Whether you believe in the big bang theory or not. Nobody can stop it, reverse it or accelerate it. Old man Time is just going away, nanosecond by nanosecond.

Your priorities however change every day and unless you learn to sort them out and manage them correctly, your life will continue to be heroically challenged and devoid of serenity.

YOUR priorities.

Not mine.

Not your boss’ or your spouse’s.

Not your email inbox either!!

 One way to really get to the heart of it is to read the 74833 books on time management and the 8747 other one on priority management. In 15 lifetimes, you will really get the hang of it and will be able to laugh at or with TIME itself !

For those of us who would rather start now, here is a recipe :

SHUT DOWN your email for a day. A week is preferable but I would not like to be blamed for your withdrawal symptoms. Yours. Not your email correspondants’ withdrawal by the way.

So, shut it down for a day and THINK!

  • What do you really want in your life.
  • What do you really want to ELIMINATE from your life.

Simply draw a list on 2 separate sheets of paper, no,no, not on your computer…WRITE…..with a pen!

Then …THINK some more….and add to the lists.

This is a great first step.

Then think about the future…5 years from now, 10 years from now…what do you see? (ok, I know, time does not exist, but just figure it does for the sake of this exercise!)

More importantly, what do you WANT to see?

Does this fit with your actual life? If so ….CONGRATULATIONS!


What could you possibly…

  • STOP doing , starting tomorrow?
  • Continue doing because this works out well for you?
  • START doing … NOW?

Well, there you are : priorities.

Not time.

Which does not exist  if you live in the NOW.

Not past, no future, apart from the one you plan for….As Drucker said, the only way to predict the future is to create it.

Starting NOW.

Live your life accordingly.


I am always curious….does this work for you?

It does for me.

What else could you be doing? Let’s share your best tips and tricks!


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