Here we are once again.

We lost one hour last week-end. From ST to ST….standard time to Summer time !

What a catastrophe ! One complete hour lost ! And during the week-end !

Well…so what ?

What would you have done with all this time ?

What do you usually do with all your time anyway ?

My guess is that lots of it is wasted every day of every year.

Wasted by pushing trivial goals and accomplishing trivial tasks. Unimportant tasks. Non-urgent tasks.

A good way to look at your time is to allocate the action you performed at any given time into either quadrant of the Eisenhower matrix.

  • It is either important or non-important.
  • It is either urgent or non-urgent.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that people who are always looking for more time spend it …unwisely. In the non-important and non-urgent quadrant.

    • Watching TV series
    • Reading or watching the news…more than once a day
    • Listening or participating in gossip
    • Endlessly shopping
    • etc.

The very effective people (hmmm that rings a bell…ah yes SR Covey!!!) do NOT waste their time. They spend it in the non-urgent but IMPORTANT quadrant.

In fact, whereas most of us feel that we lost time, not once a year, but every single day, the very effective people do more and more every day. Moreover, they not only accomplish more, but they do so according to a definite plan and enjoy their life to the fullest !

Oh, and they eat better food, exercise more, think more and plan more on top of everything else.

They see time as a continuum. They know that this one hour will be “gained” back in the Fall of the same year. They plan in advance what has to be done in the coming week, the coming month, the coming year…well for several years ahead !


They don’t.

You probably heard the age old saying : if you want something done, give it to the busiest person in your team. Somehow, they will find some extra time to do it. Somehow, they extract more juice of their lemons and turn it into lemonade….sweet and delicious lemonade (because they obviously thought of adding sugar !!)

If they can…why CAN’T YOU ?

If you can…how can you help those who cannot ?


Here are some tips :

1-Think about the current ten most important things in your life, now. Not in ten years, now.

2-Then, think about what you want to see with these ten things in ten years.

3- Write two things that have to be done rapidly  (within a week) to start you off in the right direction for each of those things to happen. Only two !!

4- Find a good planning tool, easy to use, light to carry and not one that will take your decision from you (i.e. Smartphone that become smarter than you) : pen and paper still rule in time and priority management! (Oh yes, I have a suggestion for you….)

5- Write 20 actions from #3 at the right time in your planner and ….GO !


And write me in the comments section of THIS article how your life changed.

Or ask me how to help you in the same comment section and we will share with the world !


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