Attending formal training sessions is fun and interesting. As long as the learner applies the new concepts and methods afterwards. Formal training is usually delivered for a specific reason : improve performance and productivity.

Attending training “conferences” by experts is way more interesting…if there is learning involved afterwards. But then, what is learning coming from an “expert” ? An expert is not necessarily a good speaker, communicator or teacher. But then, a student, a participant or an attendee is not necessarily a good learner either.


When the expert (by definition an expert KNOWS his stuff….he would not be called an expert if he were not….hopefully) IS a good speaker…

And when the attendee IS a good learner, magic occurs.

I am NOT a good learner : impatient, hyperactive, disruptive even. I need to be impressed, constantly and rapidly.

I feel blessed when I listen to a really enlightening speaker. I usually buy a book or two from the guy or gal and go home feeling fulfilled.

Having the privilege to listen to TWO of such people in the same day was almost an epiphany, a spiritual experience !

It happened on June 11th 2014.

The speakers were Nigel Paine and Jon Husband.

Both are experts.

Both are thinkers.

Both see the future as few people see it. A hopeful future. A challengeful future.

Several concepts struck me as I have been wondering, pondering and thinking about the impact I have on the world.

Ohhhhh this is it, a philosophical assay from François.

Yep !

Let’s first reduce “the world” by my “clients’ worlds or organizations.” It already feels more humble and reasonable.

I have been asking myself “how do I affect people in organizations I work with ?” I KNOW there is an impact. I would not be called back if I had no impact ! But what do I do exactly ?

Going back to the first two paragraphs, I think I found an answer. At least partially. What makes ME learn? A good friend and business partner of mine once told me his recipe is E= M2C.

Energy = Memorable and Meaningful Content

I do that.

The way I teach, the way I train IS memorable. The content is relevant. I provide meaningful examples and situations. But something was missing…because something else happens every time…

That something is the link between my first career and my current one. The link between molecular biology (now you know…I completed a master degree in molecular biology in 1989 !…but I assure you…I have other qualities !) and what I have been calling entertraining.

The link is the fundamental principle of life : interactions.


Interactions between molecules, DNA, proteins and various metabolites in a healthy cell forever adapting to move towards homeostasis or dynamic equilibrium.

Interactions between humans, machines, processes and multiples forms and procedures in a healthy organization forever trying to evolve in the permanent whitewaters of today’s complex and global economy.

This is where Nigel and Jon come in.

Both have studied organizations and society from their own perspective. Nigel from a training and development perspective coupled to technology and media and Jon from a similar but somewhat different angle about human resources, technology and networks, connectivity, calling himself a social architect or techno-anthropologist !

After listening to Jon Husband, I will add a second C to the previous equation. C as in Connected.

Jon has invented the term Wirearchy to describe the new structure slowly becoming apparent in our organizations. From his blog :

The working definition of Wirearchy is : “a dynamic two-way flow of power and authority, based on knowledge, trust, credibility and a focus on results, enabled by interconnected people and technology”.

(..)wirearchy is about the power and effectiveness of people working together through connection and collaboration … taking responsibility individually and collectively rather than relying on traditional hierarchical status.


E= M2C2

Or Energy/Engagement comes through a meaningful and memorable content and connectivity between participants.

Because the connection between participants will generate

  • Trust
  • Peer pressure and encouragement to change
  • Common grounds on which to discuss our
  • Common preoccupations
  • and, through a new found collaborative desire, to find, discover, create
  • Common solutions.

My motto has been the same for several years…

Aliter cogitare, aliter agere.

Think otherwise act otherwise.

I am a believer. I believe in the human mind. My faith in the human mind’s power and desire to accomplish great things is boundless.

Napoleon Hill said : “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

His book “Think and grow rich” has been a fundamental script for success ever since its publication in the 30’s.

Thinking alone will not solve our problems. Independence is only the first step towards accomplishment.

Thinking together, inter-dependently, all connected, will certainly point the way towards a new future.

There is not enough thinking in our busy world today.

Think about this.

And act.


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