Best techno tools for time management

Best techno tools for time management. Oh this might shock you!

Part 3 – The myth of the all powerful paperless tools…

The long awaited conclusion to the serie of article on planning tools.

Part 2 – The reality of the paperless…procrastination.

Are time management applications really pulling it off? Why? Or rather, why not?

Part 1 – The myth of the paperless…whatever !

Going from paper to electronic planning is the way to the future! Is it?

Your time, your life, your tools, your ….

Get the right tools, books, or DVD but please, stop providing excuses and do something NOW to get you life back on track.

No more time.

Procrastination buster : the end of the line. Why should we wait until then to actually do what must be done?

WARNING : we lost time !

We lost one hour once again. IF you fell cheated read on! IF you don’t care. Read on! If you feel cheated and don’t not bother to read.

Time does not exist. Don’t even try to “manage” it!

Time is a mathematical expression of the 4th dimension. out of 11. Who can pretend to understand it , let alone manage it? Not all is hopeless however if you stop thinking about time and focus on…