Best techno tools for time management ?


Aw, no!

Although several tools exist (the smartphone being the easiest to use!) the ONLY real tool to organize a CEO and the rest of the C-suite is …a little time, a brain and a paper planner!!!

My twist on time management is to eliminate this notion about “time” and focus on priority management.

In one word …TOP!



The smartphone is perfect to organize BUT, and it is a very big but… there is no thinking or even planning involved when an alarm starts buzzing!!! Remimemebr Pavlov’s dog? Yep! A ring and we start salivating and jumping into action.
NOW!!! No thinking anymore.

The only way to make a CEO actually ACT on the alarm (the tool) is to make him or her THINK first about what is really important.

Let him or her time to think and plan ahead and then have him or her use her or his favorite toy…ur… tool to remind him or her about those tasks in a timely manner.

But again… this will not work without prior thinking and planning.

And the plan is useless in itself.

Planning however, the deep thinking associated with the potential pitfalls, the scheduling and the ideal way to conduct the task ..aha!! This rocks!!

Once the thinking is done, long and frequent enough, planning is easy and organizing even easier.

Thinking and a piece of paper (accompanied by a great Mont Blanc if this suits the CEO better…) will do wonders. Alone, in a quiet place, with those great tools that changed the world : time to reflect, a healthy brain (no substance!) and a good old pen-and-paper planner.

In summary, the best tools are time, brains and yes pen-and-paper…

Do not worry, the smartphone and the plethora of apps will complement this nicely…once the real work is done.

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