Continuous learning IS the work.

Continuous learning is the work for you, for anybody who is serious about the work.

Another conversion. Another train of thought.

Another shock.

I was discussing recently with a dear colleague about a training I was about to purchase.

A pretty, pretty big purchase.

To get better in an area where I think I am pretty, pretty good at already.

The question from my colleague : what more is there to know about this topic?


This “topic” could be anything.

Why bother to know more when you are at the top of your game?

Well, YOU might be but then, someone else might know more.

In that case, I had been looking forward to attend this session with the world master of this topic.

Might SHE know more than me?


And what about those books on the same topic?

Might the AUTHORS know more?

Or have a different perspective?


Continuous learning IS the work.

More than ever, we need to stay up-to-date with our domain of expertise.

More than ever, we have the information available through the Web.

More than ever, we have the means to connect with experts around the world.

The session I attended was 6000 km from my office. And a few clicks away via Skype. Days and days looking at my screen.

This is the future…


This is the present.

It WAS the future when Isaac Asimov wrote Caves of Steel in 1953 where he foresaw the use of videoconference long before Skype and Webcam existed.

Continuous learning is the work and technology now exists to support our wildest dreams.

But why bother with a paid training when you can see the same thing on YOUTUBE?

Why indeed?

This will probably be available in a year or two on YouTube. TRUE

How much is this worth today?

How much is my expertise worth to my clients and colleagues?


Knowledge workers must constantly justify their worth.

Discussing the value of knowledge with Charles Jenning, he quoted a recent study comparing the net worth of several companies on a twenty year period. 20% of the value was in its human assets, 80% was its normal capital assets. And now, a few decades later, the reverse was true : 89% of its value laid in its HUMAN capital.

But knowledge is not the same as information.

Knowledge is the last step of data acquisition process. Viewing a video on YouTube is not sufficient. Reading is better but not sufficient neither.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 9.10.57 AM

Thinking and reflecting about the material !
AH !

And working together on the topic,

discussing the implication as a group,

listening to other’s perspective, arguing about your points and back and forth with other participants virtually or face-to-face

writing about the topic

presenting about the topic

USING the material in real situation, back at work.


Continuous learning IS the work.

Learning together is the way, that has always been, that will always be relevant.

Harold Jarche is always a source of inspiration on this. His amazing graphic representations are always a shock in the brain, illuminating parts of the cortex that used to shine dimly. Take a look at some of his blog posts to see the big picture! (pun intended)

Philippe Carré said:

“We always learn alone but never without others.”

Was this worth paying for?

You bet.

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