Discovering the intelligent organization: an old map used for a new road

Imagine this scene: your GPS crashes and the only road map available is the one that dates from 1994, half covered with mold, behind the spare tire of your vehicle.

Trying to discover the intelligent organization using an old design of the organization is just as pointless.

But what map should we use?

Which map was used by forward thinking people, prospectivists and futurologists to discover new territories?

An old map of course!

But with an explorer’s behaviour, someone with a new perspective that allows to modify the map, to adjust the content. And keeping in mind that the map will never be the territory, but only an interpretation, your interpretation of the territory.

The map changes as your vision of the land changes.

The map is only a guide and not a dogma!

So the ultimate map to discover intelligent organization is a blank page? Maybe not…

The map will be blank until you hold your ear to hear the murmurs of the organization, the whispers of the people who compose it. Because the intelligent organization is in perpetual boiling! Intelligent organization is flexible and adaptive.

The intelligent organization responds to its environment in a subtle and almost immediate way.

Your design of intelligent organization is constantly moving. Forget about small boxes in your organization chart.

Forget the solid lines between you and your employees and the dotted lines between you and the bosses of your colleagues.

The information composes the invisible bonds that unite us and make the intelligent organization similar to an immense field of force whose only effects are perceptible. We do not see the gravity. We only feel its impact on our approach.

The explorers who relied on their map were only able to note the differences between their map and the reality.

The explorers who looked straight ahead, far ahead, discovered new lands.

Animated by a vision, their ships carried by the wind of enthusiasm, these explorers

  • Knew how to see something in the darkness
  • Heard the message in the silence
  • Have created out of  nothing 

The best part is…We all have an old map to improve upon.

And we all have a blank map to draw on.


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