Law of attraction…again !

I hear and I read a lot about the law of attraction lately. The best-selling book The secret by Rhonda Byrne has generated a lot of interest for millions. But then, as it so happens every time a breakthrough occurs, everybody seems to be willing to add his or her two bits.

Am I any different ?


I just wanted to mention that this is nothing new. Mind you, the book is great. Even the format and the look of it is awesome. But I was recently sent an e-book written in 1910 by Wallace Wattles and it was basically the inspiration behind the more recent aforementioned literary success. So again, this is not new.

And everybody knows this ! Or ate least, should!

Everybody knows that by thinking negative things you seem to attract negative consequences. Well the opposite is true too ! We have all undergone phases in our lives that seems to be a never ending circle of bad or good occurrences. Coincidences ? Nah ! Your brain does not believe in coincidences. In fact, your brain does it.

Your brain has a tremendous capacity for concentration, for single-mindedness. Ever noticed that whenever you decide to buy a new car, a new dress, a new…something, that you start thinking about it ? And when the purchase is completed, you feel smug about it, thinking how smart and satisfied you are and how unique you must look…that is until you get out of the car dealer yard and notice that the whole world has suddenly purchased the same car…not only that, but the same car of the same color !

Your brain does it !

By focusing on a single thing, your brain will gather all the information relevant to this single, focused thought/concept. You therefore perceive the reality through a cerebral distortion. It works when you purchase a car, a dress or a new CD. It works when you are in a paranoiac binge at work, when you feel spied upon by your boss, when you are in a competition with a colleague or when you have this distinct impression that the whole world has leagued against your new business project. You focus on this single concept/idea and your brain makes sure that all the information related to IT gets to you, filtering out the rest, that is LIFE !

Because LIFE goes on, with or without you. Your brain is just a tool for YOU to use. YOU have to train that great machine to work for you. You can meditate, exercise, work your heart out but in the end YOU have to take control of that brain of yours. This conscious mental work-out is important, essential to your success in life. Choose your method but choose, do not let your brain lead you where a stray thought would go.


Oh…by the way… writing works too ! I did just this, just now !

Earl said it : you become what you think about !

So beware : you might change !

The conclusions :

1- Your brain is IT : cerebral distortion of reality.

2- Control your brain.

3- Control your thoughts

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