Do you work in an intelligent organization ?

What is an intelligent organization ? What is an intelligent human being for that matter ? Is this solely based on the presence of the brain ?

The brain is a very robust beast !

Lose a few neurones and the remaining ones will survive and reconnect.

Not convinced ? Watch this

The interesting part is that, contrary to what was once believed…the connections are pretty, pretty random !

But is works nonetheless.

Fine and dandy …how can we use this very robust and very functional model (if you have any doubt about the functionality pause for a second and ask yourself…how can you pause and think about the whole thing if it is not functional?!) for our organizations ?

Wellllll….what if you were to let employees connect randomly ?

Especially after lay-off and reorganization…let them talk,


share experiences,

share challenges


Henry Markram says it all : Consciousness arises where there is a critical mass of communication…but is has to make sense ! Again, take a few minutes to watch this.

Critical mass….can we increase these connections between our employes to reach this “critical mass” ? …Sure !!

There is this vast discussion of culture…culture of quality, culture of service, culture this and culture that…culture is really the consciousness of an organization. IF we are to achieve this consciousness, we have to make sure we reach this “critical mass” of conversations, of connections, of inteactions between our employees.

As the brain is a distributed network, so employees connect through the Web…the wirearchy Jon Husband so wisely defined.

As brain cells reconnect itself to make sure the whole functions as a whole so could our organizations.

Neurones are the fundamental parts of the brains.

Employees and their infinite potential are the fundamental parts of ANY organization.

Let them connect !

Simply connect.

Or better yet… organize and facilitate these interactions.

And wait for the miracle to happen…it will.



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