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Magical interactions in the intelligent organization – End

Nos participants sont à l'extérieur sous une température inacceptablement basse pour cette fin d'hiver ... sans manteaux. L'exercice précédent a duré plus de 4 minutes. Rappelez-vous : ils…

The intelligent organization : Connect to survive !

Brain cells constantly reconnect making even a damaged brain functions. If brain cells do this spontaneously, wouldn't our employees do the same ? If only we were to understand this...

They made me do it….

Some more budget cuts. Some more enforcement of arguable decision. It up to the lower management to make it happen. As usual. Does it really have to be this way?

Grassroots movement for Quality

I love grass. So strong and resistant. I love grassroots movement, So strong and resistant. So connected and interdependent. Are you?

Is Quality a goal or a journey ?

Why do we still focus on Quality metrics? Can we really measure the intrinsic Quality of any products? Is it really necessary to have metrics to achieve the Quality we strive for?

Something is coming….

It is coming! The revolution in Quality? And you are part of it.


Are you a disruptor? If so...congratulations!

The F/S ratio : Organizational quality or operational excellence?

The F/S ratio : function and support. Do organizations focus too much on tools and methodology and not enough on something else. Or SomeONE else?

The cost of inaction

Can you decide? If not, who can? Do you know how much this way of deciding actually cost?

The cost of a decision

How much are YOU worth for your company? How much can you spend on your own without authorization from your boss? Do you know? Few people know....

Stressed quality or quality stress?

Stress can be good or bad. Can Quality be good or bad too?

Qualities for quality

A short list of qualities for quality. And a few thoughts along the way.

When 95% probability provides 16% certainty.

Whenever you are 99% certain, starting doubting your results and look back at your dat with Bayes in mind.