Something is coming in Quality management and in Management in general.
The link between the new technologies of communication, our network (personal and virtual) and what Clay Sharky called the Cognitive surplus (
Jon Husband calls it the WIREARCHY. (

I believe we will see a revolutionary leap forward in Quality when our managers and CEO realize the huge potential for Quality improvement WITHIN their organization and when they will allow it to blossom.
My community of practice in Quality showed me that when you allow people to interact freely Quality takes a new meaning, going beyond ISO, Juran Deming or any others. I believe Quality has a life of its own and when people discuss it they have an intrinsic desire to perform well and outdo what is expected. Weirdly enough, Pirsig’s book on the “Art of motorcycle maintenance” is enlightening ( on this topic.
As Malcom Gladwell describes it so well in his “Tipping Point” Book (, when enough people will start talking about the need for Quality, the Big Q Quality, it will seem to spontaneously arrive.
And the concept of Wirearchy, the increased connectivity between people of Quality will make it happen…
Heck…it is happening right before our eyes !!!

What do you think ?

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